Uvesa create 80 jobs at its new plant in Tudela poultry processing de Tudela

The workforce totals 230 employees, compared to 150 it had in the old slaughterhouse

Uvesa company, founded in Tudela 45 years ago, opened yesterday its new poultry processing plant, located in the industrial zone Montes del Cierzo. This facility, which has been invested 25 million euros, replaces the old municipal slaughterhouse industrial estate, and has also led to the creation of 80 new jobs to move from 150 in the previous plant to the current 230. Its production capacity is 400,000 chickens a week and was launched about a year ago.

The company has 11,800 square meters built on a plot of 70,000 and its activity focused on processing and sliced whole chickens, generates traffic of 40 vehicles per day. Facilities include an air-conditioned reception bird store; a new system of stunned and “unique in Spain and a pioneer in Europe” sacrifice; scalding zone at low temperature and plucked; evisceration area; Rapid cooling tunnel; and automatic cutting room, sorting and packaging.  The above joined the Chambers of conservation, refrigerated rooms and a water purification plant. The opening ceremony was attended by about 200 people. It was attended by the president of the regional government, Miguel Sanz; President of Parliament, Elena Torres; José María Roig directors, Alberto Catalan and Begoña Sanzberro; the mayor of Tudela, Luis Casado; and chairman of the board of Uvesa, Antonio Sánchez Sánchez.

The latter highlighted the commitment of Uvesa with Navarra, a company founded 45 years ago in Tudela “by a group of professionals, veterinarians majority, who began to question the lack of viability of the schemes farmers then, with very low productivities that prevented racing European neighboring countries “.

He also stressed that the products Uvesa “enjoy an undoubted prestige that undoubtedly contributes the band of quality of Navarre origin,” before saying that you have to work with enthusiasm “in these difficult times, and bet change things with the serenity of those that we must preserve. “

For its part, the mayor of Tudela, Luis Casado, do not hesitate to say that the new facilities Uvesa “leave you speechless” and stressed the importance of this company in the city. “The greatest joy is that has grown from 150 employees to 230, with 80 families who have no worry where to get a salary, which is now worth a lot.”