Uvesa Group applying measures and projects to care for the planet

Group Uvesa is aware of the good use of the limited resources that nature offers, so we are committed to the circular economy, as well as waste prevention and management. For this we are producing changes in the production and recycling of materials to preserve the environment and its resources.

So we are dedicating resources to gradually reduce the impacts of carbon emissions caused mainly in its production process.

In fact, Liquefied Natural Gas is currently being introduced into production plants. A change that optimizes the cost of transport and as a direct consequence reduces fuel consumption, as it is a fossil fuel with less environmental impact, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere by 20-30%.

On the other hand, UVESA was one of the first companies to implement technology and design in the packaging of its products to minimize the generation of plastic waste. In fact, today, the trays used have 80% recycled material.

Likewise, UVESA has its own treatment plants in all the production plants for its treatment and investments are currently being made in its own treatment plant for the Cuéllar plant. Water treatments are performed by specialized water treatment managers.

UVESA, aware of the good use of (limited) resources offered by nature, is committed to a responsible use of them. In 2008, during the construction of the Tudela poultry processing plant, it invested one million euros in a water purification plant, implementing the best available technologies to return the water to the environment in the conditions it receives, by installing an MBR membrane system. This has achieved an energy saving of 25%, a decrease of 16% of the total sludge produced and a 83% reduction in the amount of biological sludge with the installation of a dehydration treatment line.