Uvesa Group certifies its poultry farms with the seal of ‘Welfare Animal Welfare’

After carrying out exhaustive audits on all of them, the certifying company AENOR has awarded the WELFAIR ™ Animal Welfare Seal to the poultry farms of the UVESA Group for the production, slaughter, cutting and packaging of chicken meat. This guarantee, based on the European Welfare Quality model, adds to the continued commitment of the UVESA Group with animal care and good livestock practices

Following the path opened by the farms in the area of ​​Cuéllar (Segovia), certified in 2019, farms certified this year are located in almost all the peninsular geography in which the UVESA Group operates; Downtown, Valencia, Malaga and Tudela area. So farms are located in almost the entire Spanish geography

The AENOR Animal Welfare scheme specifies the conditions that livestock farms and slaughterhouses must meet. Unlike other models of this type, audits are based on direct observation of the animal itself, through the evaluation of four principles: Good Food, Good Housing, Good Health and Appropriate Behavior. In addition, it is an important commitment of all those involved in respecting the demanding criteria of this label and thus offering better products to consumers.

This certification is the only one currently operating in Spain that can guarantee the requirements established in Welfare Quality, ensuring an exhaustive audit in all phases of production and maximum information and transparency to the consumer.