UVESA Group intends to make a difference in “employee experience” with the “contigo” project

Uvesa Group has launched the project ‘with you’ in order to strengthen the corporate culture and favor the implementation of different measures that contribute to consolidate a better experience of the whole workforce, optimize the work environment and also attract talent from new workers .

Developed and led by the Department of People Management of UVESA Group, this ambitious project, ‘Contigo’, will carry out various initiatives aimed at strengthening the culture of the organization and the retention of talent.

The “with you” project will allow a large number of initiatives to be introduced, “working indoors and making improvements to strengthen the cohesion of the company’s main asset, the workers, with the added objective of capturing and retaining talent.” Among the initiatives that will be carried out from now on, the dissemination of group values, leadership development, development program within UVESA for recent graduates, the strategic internal communication plan, and the selection aligned with The culture of the business group.