Great success of the 3rd contest Prepare your chicken recipe held at Eht Alcala and Hotel Escuela Madrid

After the final two of the third edition of the contest Prepare your chicken recipe, organized by the UVESA Group, 16 students have been awarded first and second place for each of the eight categories.

The winners of the Celebrations category have been Sandra Sousa and Gonzalo Avelino, of the Tapas category, Chen Wang and Allison Cabrera, of the Express category have been Marian Orgaz and Andrei Lorin, of the Healthy Life category, Eduardo Castellanos and Daniela Aguilar , of the category of Children, Adrián Canales and Esther Liliano, of the Traditional category, Inma Tapia and Miguel Lozano, of Athletes, Pascual León and Héctor Herrera, and of Diet; Lucía Muñoz and Florina Dobos.

The jury has been formed by chefs Pedro Morales, Antonio Morales and Alvaro Smit as well as Valeriano Hernandez and Ana Belén Ruiz by Uvesa. For the final verdict, the recipe itself has been assessed, the presentation of the dish is appropriate to the category. The first and second classified in each category have received a case of professional knives.

For several weeks the students of this center have experimented with the different wakes of chicken and other ingredients of habitual use and accessible in any food store to create these original recipes that will soon be published in video format on all UVESA channels .