Uvesa group expands it’s network of integrated farms with three new chicken breeding vessels in Albaracín (Teruel)
  • One more commitment to rural economic development and job creation
  • Uvesa Group expands its network of integrated farms with three new chicken farms in Albarracín (Teruel)

UVESA Group has expanded its network of integrated farms with the incorporation of three new buildings for the breeding of certified chickens located in Albarracín (Teruel) with a capacity each of 28,000 slow-growing chickens and a 100% vegetable diet.

The warehouses -managed by Piensos Sol, a company specialized in animal feed and a trademark belonging to Promociones Ganaderas Turolenses, S.A. (PROGASA) – started their activity on the 22nd with the entry of the first newborn chicks for their breeding and fattening and they incorporate the latest technologies in animal welfare, with a minimum duration of 56 days for each breeding. Grupo UVESA will be in charge of supervising the entry, feeding, exit and marketing of this yellow meat chicken whose production will be 84,000 chickens per breeding and 340,000 per year.

The operation will be the largest certified facility of this type in the province when the second phase of the six-warehouse project is completed, located on an 87,000m² plot at the Masía Alta de Albarracín estate. It will have a production capacity of four broods a year for a total of 672,000 poultry units. The investment, once the project is finished, will be 2.7 million euros with the creation of 3 direct and permanent jobs, of which two are already on the staff. With this collaboration, Grupo UVESA confirms its commitment to rural economic development and job creation.

Sustainable development

The new exploitation has a low environmental impact thanks to the use of sustainable energy for the air conditioning of its production facilities and the hiring of the authorized company Fertinagro Organia, specialized in the treatment and reuse of said by-products as agricultural fertilizers, for the integral management of the organic waste it generates. In addition, its isolated location, but at the same time very accessible by road, provides a guarantee of biosecurity, which together with the area’s low livestock density in this species have been decisive for the integration agreement between UVESA and PROGASA.