Group Uvesa supports the talent of young chefs with the 2nd “Make your chicken recipe” contest at the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Alcalá de Henares

March 8, 2019.- With the objective of encouraging the talent of future Spanish chefs, Grupo UVESA has called for the second year the Contest Prepare your chicken recipe with teachers and students of the prestigious School of Hospitality and Tourism of Alcalá of Henare

With chicken as the main ingredient, about 100 students have spent weeks exploring the possibilities of this bird in each of the five culinary categories (Recipes for children with thighs, Recipes for celebrations with sirloins, Recipes of tapas with thighs, Recipes of Express of maximum 22 minutes with jamoncitos, Recipes of healthy life with hindquarters). They have participated 5 courses (1º degree in the classroom, 2º cooking and face-to-face gastronomy, 1º cooking and gastronomy, DUAL average, 2º of Basic cooking and 1º of direction of kitchens of superior degree) of the School of Catering.

The teachers of the center have selected the 21 finalists -four recipes for each category except in the Tapas category who had 5 finalists- who yesterday, Thursday, March 7, and wearing a personalized UVESA apron with their name, cooked on site and presented your recipes for the first and second prize in each category. 

The winners of the Category of Children have been Andrés Felipe Reyes Rivera and Luis Jonattan Camara, of the category Celebrations are Kevin Martinez and Javier Lopéz Iglesias, of the category of Tapas have been Jesús de Sousa Gallardo and Rubén Ramos Ubeda, of the category of Recipes Express have been Iván Criado and Eloy Valle Vázquez and finally of the category of Healthy Life Raquel Notario and Chen Wang.

To emphasize that Ivén Criado was also winner in the 1st Edition in the same category Recipes Express.  For the final verdict, the recipe itself, the presentation of the dish and the suitability for the category have been evaluated. And it has proceeded to the delivery of prizes to the first and second classified of each category that have received a professional case of Arcos kitchen knives. From the best recipes will be made recipe cards and audiovisual material that will be published on the website Uvesa and their social networks soon as it was done in the 1st contest last year.