Uvesa Group receives the visit of the “Made in Castile and Leon” program at its bird plant in Cuéllar and the poultry farm in Bahabón (Valladolid)

Grupo UVESA has been one of the protagonists of the new season of the Castilla y León Televisión program, Made in Castilla y León, as a team from the regional chain has visited the facilities of its Cuéllar bird plant and the integrated poultry farm from Bahabón (Valladolid) where he has been able to meet with those responsible.

Specifically, Clara Vázquez, director of the Cuéllar bird processing plant, has served as an exception guide at the Cuéllar bird processing plant she directs. Together with her, camera and reporter, they go through the different processes of the factory, emphasizing the exhaustive and continuous quality controls through which the product passes.

This center, one of the 4 plants that the Uvesa group has, has the capacity to process 75,000 chickens a day. Almost 90% of the production of this plant goes to supermarket trays and approximately 500 people work

Miguel Ángel Sanz, director of the UVESA Group in the area of ​​Castilla y León, sponsors the visit to one of the 85 farms in the integration system. In this, located in Bahabón (Valladolid), UVESA veterinarian Antonio Olmedo explains the operation of facilities that can accommodate up to 30,000 chickens. Fed from cereals and natural products they remain there for 42 days until they reach an average weight of 2.6 kilograms. UVESA is certified in Animal Welfare and the entire farm is managed automatically.