Uvesa Group signs a new equality plan to reinforce inclusivity and conciliation

  • It will promote the dissemination of the value of diversity and egalitarian policies among the staff.
  • It includes a protocol for the prevention and action in cases of sexual harassment and/or gender discrimination.

UVESA Group has just signed its Second Equality Plan, with full agreement of the union representation, and the clear objective of continuing to promote the principles of equal opportunities and diversity of their teams in all areas of work.  Women account for almost 45% of the total workforce of the Navarre-based company, around 2,000 people.

Among the general principles of the plan are the dissemination among employees of the value of diversity and equality policies, as well as internal and external communication that promotes an equal image between women and men, and ensuring the use of inclusive and non-discriminatory language in all company communications. Likewise, training and awareness-raising on equality will be promoted at all hierarchical levels of the company, with special emphasis on the development of female leadership.

Safe environments
The UVESA Group plan includes a protocol for the prevention and action in cases of sexual harassment and / or discrimination based on sex. The company is committed to informing and raising awareness among staff members, especially female workers who are victims of gender-based violence, which is a further step towards 100% safe working environments.

The new agreement adds a gender perspective to its occupational health policy and strengthens vacancy monitoring processes, prioritising the recruitment and promotion of women in positions where they are under-represented.

In terms of salaries, the company undertakes to analyse the allowances and variable policy in order to ensure equity between women and men. The main differences in remuneration, in percentage and amount, will also be analysed in order to correct them if necessary. Finally, reconciliation and co-responsibility measures have been implemented to complement and improve those recently approved in RD 5/2023.